A cutting-edge new technology has the packaging world embracing glitter like never before. For decades, packaging pros have avoided glitter like the plague. Retailers and packaging professionals alike have protested the flaky mess it created on store shelves—and the havoc it wreaked on printing presses and molds. It’s also rendered completely useless in packaging because it degrades at the folds and corners. 

A new patented technology promises to eliminate all of this, delivering the pure appeal of glitter paper and packaging without the headache. Orange Packaging of Newburgh, NY has developed a product that doesn’t flake, is completely foldable and comes in every color of the rainbow. It can also be printed on using UV Offset, Indigo and Inkjet presses.

Mike Esposito, V.P. of Orange Packaging and his team have also innovated a way to Thermoform glittery plastic trays that accent and promote the perceived value of products. They’re calling the new creation Glitterized Plastic.

After three generations in the industry, we’re always trying to find new ways to increase sales for our customers through innovative packaging solutions,” said Esposito. “When it comes to merchandising solutions, I haven’t seen anything this revolutionary in a very long time. Glitterized Plastic is the innovation we have been waiting for to offer new, eye-catching materials to our customers.”

Prior to launch, Esposito and his team at Orange Packaging conducted extensive R&D at their facility in the heart of Newburgh, NY. “We’ve come a long way. We can now match PMS colors and even print directly on glitter utilizing standard presses—something that would never have been possible only a year ago. And our thermoforming machinery gives us the ability to design and produce one-of-a-kind promotions for our clients.”

Now the packaging world can embrace Glitterized Plastic with abandon. From simple glitter-filled boxes to elaborate, multi-tiered store displays—the possibilities are endless!

For more information on Orange Packaging’s capabilities and services, contact Michael Esposito, Vice President at michael@orangepkg.com

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