The life of a production manager can be a hectic one: juggling multiple vendors, negotiating budgets, monitoring production schedules and compensating for missed deadlines. But many of these annoyances can be avoided by choosing the right partner—one vendor that can handle everything from design to distribution.

Orange Packaging in Newburgh, New York, does it all. With an in-house design team, manufacturing experts, high-end tooling technology, production pros and seamless drop ship capabilities, this one-stop-shop brings both costs and headaches down significantly.

Orange Packaging specializes in thermoforming, POP displays, high end acrylic fabrication, heat and RF sealing as well as food packaging (offering CPLA, CPET and a new proprietary compostable plastic).

“Our customers are always applauding the fact that we’re a one-stop-shop for all their manufacturing needs,” says Michael Esposito, Vice President of Orange Packaging.

Thermoforming customers can choose from a collection of in-house molds or request a custom order. Utilizing the best packaging technology on the market today, Orange Packaging’s team of design and engineering experts will create a unique mold design and thermoform it according to your specifications—no matter the material.  

“We had a project recently that involved hardwood, acrylic, vacuum forming, lithograph mounted paper, lights and a monitor and we were able to handle it all in-house and drop ship it to 800 locations. For us, this is something we do every day!” says Esposito. “And when our customers realize we put all our work into one purchase order (not six), they’re just so grateful!” If delayed production schedules and unreliable vendors are giving you chronic headaches, it’s time to reevaluate. Contact Michael Esposito at to set up a quote.

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