One Hudson Valley company is leading the charge in making plastic more earth-friendly. Orange Packaging of Newburgh, New York, is now offering an innovative, proprietary compostable plastic. Made from 100 percent sustainable, renewable plant-based materials, this plastic can be thermoformed into a variety of shapes and packages and is guaranteed to start breaking down in a composting environment within 45-60 days.

“We’ve spent a long time perfecting the tooling and production process in preparation for this new, earth-friendly plastic offering and are we thrilled with the result,” says Michael Esposito, Vice President of Orange Packaging.

For manufacturers in search of earth-friendly packaging, this news is huge. “When you’re done with the product inside the package you can compost the container along with your other food scraps in your backyard compost pile or a local commercial facility,” said Esposito. “The plastic is designed to begin breaking down in under two months. It’s a win for the manufacturer, the customer and the planet.”

Orange Packaging’s proprietary compostable plastic meets food-grade standards and can withstand higher and lower temps than previous iterations of compostable plastics, making it ideal for any and all packaging—including food packaging. It can be refrigerated, frozen or microwaved without affecting the plastic package or its contents. In warehouse environments, this compostable plastic holds infinite shelf life, so there is no expiration date.

The R&D invested in this new process allowed Michael and his team at Orange Packaging to create a preferred, earth-friendly solution that won’t break the bank for commercial clients. For pricing and more information on Orange Packaging’s proprietary compostable plastic, email

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