What We Do

We design / engineer/ manufacture and assemble any type of POP display in any material and we do it under one roof.

What makes us different is …our flexibility.
We work with Fortune 500 companies with multi-million dollar contracts, but we also work for the start-ups looking to bring new ideas to market.
These are anything from  basic corrugated displays to Thermoforming and  high-end acrylic /wood/ metal fabrication …we have the staff to design manufacture assemble  and drop ship I would add that we do it quickly but in our business if you don’t do it quickly  you won’t have customers for very long.

Our grandfather started the company so this translates into Orange PKG making displays successfully for over 65 years.  Our customers come to us based on our reputation.
One purchase order and we take it from there.  That says a lot…We really are the ‘go–to’ in the industry…and we’re really proud of that!

Even though we’re a big company…we’re not too big!  Other companies have red tape you have to get through and wait until they can get you in their schedule. We are big enough but agile enough to make it happen.
Which is why we are still a family owned and operated company and by that we don’t just mean delivering what they ask for.  We stay on top of technology and trends…and we partner with many of our clients on the creativity of their packaging and displays. 
We offer ideas, introduce new materials, We’re more than a packaging plant…we’re a design team with the technology and man-power to get your product to market fast.

Here’s a quick look at some of the services we offer at Orange Packaging:

» Thermoforming
» In House Molds
» Design and Engineering of POP Displays
» Product Packaging & Fulfillment
» Heat & RF Sealing
» High End Acrylic Fabrication

It’s always been our goal to make sure our clients have access to the best and latest packaging technology on the market.
We’re always re-inventing ourselves…looking to the future of packaging and how to best utilize our over 150,000 square feet of factory space!   

We’re a team that’s constantly moving, forward thinking and ready to go.

Orange Pkg…Delivering our passion to retail since  1950!